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How to get maximum dollar compensation in your motor vehicle accident case...

If you've been involved in an accident with a car, truck, or motorcycle, the full extent of your injuries may go undetected for weeks or months, and can lead to massive medical expenses. Whether as a driver or passenger, even if you think your aches and pains are minor, you should call The Mandel Law Firm today for a free initial, no obligation consultation.

There are many elements of potential compensation for injuries if your case involves a motor vehicle. For example, you can get compensation for your:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Nursing care at your home
  • Damages to your vehicle
  • As well as other losses

For example, attorney Steve Mandel obtained $320,000.00 for a minister who suffered a herniated disk in a car accident, even though he had no income. Ordinarily, you need to show an income to obtain the greatest recovery. Yet even with this obstacle, The Mandel Law Firm was able to obtain an extraordinary result for this client.

Why Time is of the Essence in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

In any motor vehicle accident case it's essential to investigate the circumstances quickly, preserve evidence, and get expert medical evaluation of injuries. To maximize the compensation you receive, you need an experienced attorney who can analyze the facts of you case. These issues involve insurance coverage, medical history, vehicle ownership, speeding, drunk driving, use of a cell phone, and many other complex issues.

If you were a passenger in a vehicle when an accident occurred and have injuries, you may have a claim against both the driver of that vehicle and owner and driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Winning a case, or negotiating the most favorable settlement possible for you is always the first objective for The Mandel Law Firm. That's why you can feel confident your case is in the best hands for success. And if you're in the hospital or home-bound with injuries and can't come to our office, we can come to you.

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Call today to get the process started. The sooner you do, the closer you are to receiving compensation. Becoming informed about your rights and your opportunity to get monetary compensation is FREE. And there's only a fee if we win or settle your case.  Contact The Mandel Law Firm now for a free consultation. The call is also toll free, at (888) 2 WIN NOW (888-294-6669) or locally at (646) 779-1441.