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Motor Vehicle & Pedestrian Accidents

$1,850,000.00 won on behalf of relatives of an unemployed, unmarried and childless woman, struck and killed while crossing the street. A very complicated case, with many factors working against the client’s opportunity to get fair compensation. The deceased woman had no income to justify increased damages for lost wages, no spouse to contribute support to, no children to provide for. Some lawyers would call this an un-winnable case. But Steve Mandel prevailed with a major financial settlement, compensating family members for the loss of their loved one.

$320,000.00 won in an auto accident case, which resulted in a herniated disc, for a minister who had no income. This case is again significant, because it’s much more difficult to obtain substantial compensation where a client’s income is minimal or non-existent. Steve Mandel still triumphed for this client.

$285,000.00 victory obtained in another herniated disc case, for a construction worker suffering injury from a car accident. A sweet victory indeed, since Steve Mandel took this case over from another attorney who thought it was worth little.

$100,000.00 recovered in a pedestrian accident case, representing the full value of the insurance coverage, and the maximum amount possible to obtain.

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Wrongful Death

$550,000.00 won in a wrongful death action for relatives of a swimmer, who drowned due to negligent placement of lifeguards. Steve Mandel’s persuasive skills captured substantial compensation for his clients, even though there were questionable issues of liability, and conflicting testimony of eyewitnesses and experts. Another noteworthy point in this case is Steve’s handling of a critical factor, vitally important to family members of the deceased. Steve was able to obtain an impressive financial result and spare the swimmer’s surviving mother and daughter the trauma of reliving his death at a trial.

Medical Malpractice

$900,000.00 won for a victim of surgical error. During what should have been a routine outpatient procedure, the surgeon severed major veins, leading to a life-threatening situation and permanent, serious damage to the patient.

$215,000.00 obtained in a malpractice action against a New York City hospital, where a surgeon improperly lacerated a client’s bile duct, during laparoscopic abdominal surgery. An interesting case because Steve Mandel successfully proved physician error even though there was conflicting medical evidence.

$80,000.00 won for a hospital patient, seriously injured when a malfunctioning operation room light dropped onto his leg, causing a third degree burn.

Birth Injuries

$350,000.00 won for a family whose child sustained nerve injury during delivery, resulting in Erb’s Palsy. Erb’s Palsy involves injury to a complex of nerve roots called the brachial plexus, which extend from the neck down through the collarbone and armpit. If there is damage to these nerves during delivery, there can be resulting paralysis that inhibits movement in the hand, arm and shoulder. You’ve undoubtedly seen this condition in others, who as adults have a withered, underdeveloped arm.

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Lead Paint Poisoning

$250,000.00 won by successfully suing a landlord on behalf of two children, who suffered serious injuries and life-long disability due to lead paint exposure. The family received compensation for the children’s future medical and educational expenses, and for their pain and suffering. This was a notable case and an excellent monetary recovery because the landlord had no insurance. Despite these circumstances, Steve was able to recover the compensation from the landlord personally.

You’ll find a detailed discussion of lead poisoning cases in this section.

Food Poisoning

$175,000.00 awarded to clients in a case where Steve Mandel ultimately appeared in New York Supreme Court. The clients became seriously ill after eating imported raspberries from Guatemala, infested with a dangerous parasite from fecal matter. You may have seen Steve with his clients on the popular CBS television show 48 Hours, discussing this case. In addition to the impressive compensation achieved for them, Steve brought this serious health problem to the attention of the United States Congress. The Congress subsequently enacted new laws with regard to imported fruits and vegetables, protecting other U.S. consumers from food poisoning.

$125,000.00 settlement obtained for clients poisoned by salmonella-tainted mayonnaise, while attending a catered Christening party.

Slip and Fall

$155,000.00 negotiated for a woman who fractured her ankle, after slipping on ice while walking in a parking lot.

$125,000.00 obtained after a man slipped on netting in an improperly maintained tennis court, resulting in a torn meniscus (knee cartilage).

Judges, juries and clients alike are all impressed with Steve Mandel’s professionalism, commitment and knowledge of the law. His excellent results speak for themselves. Put Steve Mandel and his team to work for you, so you get the compensation you deserve.

To get the compensation you may be entitled to, call The Law Firm of Steven J. Mandel, P.C. today. Steve Mandel wants you to get full, fair and just compensation for your injuries. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, so there’s no fee unless Steve wins or negotiates a money settlement for you.

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