Is Your Child Safe at School?

Schools have a duty of providing appropriate supervision to insure the safety of children. This includes all times while your child is in class, on the playground, in the gym, or on school trips off premises. Schools also have liability in permitting children to participate in activities inappropriate for their age or skill level.

Potentially dangerous activities can result in severe injury to children, if adequate precautions are not taken. These include your child’s involvement in the following situations in particular:

  • Crossing a street at any location where the school is obligated to provide crossing assistance to your child
  • Gym classes, cheerleading, and other sport activities
  • Science classes where potentially hazardous experiments with dangerous chemicals or instruments are conducted
  • Technology classes teaching woodworking, metal crafting, or other projects using special tools and equipment
  • Cooking classes
  • Activities at any other place, time or situation where it is reasonable or necessary to have adequate adult supervision

In the case of accidents involving children while at school, it may be possible to show that your child wasn’t properly supervised. For example, if there wasn’t appropriate monitoring and help in crossing a street safely, and your child was injured, the school is liable. This theory of holding schools responsible for the welfare of our children also extends to gym classes and all sports activities.

In addition to insuring a safe environment for children in which to learn, schools are responsible for safe transportation, if your child is traveling on a school bus.

Did you know that schools are required to give additional protection to your child where and when necessary?

Schools can now have legal liability for incidents of bullying. If a bully is traumatizing your child at school, there may be legal remedies and compensation available to your family. Bullying behaviors subject to legal action include:

  • Pushing, attacking or other assault of your child
  • Damage or theft of your child’s personal property
  • Sexual harassment
  • Threats
  • Coercing your child into handing over money
  • Hazing

To protect your child from physical trauma and emotional scarring which may last a lifetime, it’s important to take action now.

Studies show children can have problems later on in life due to victimization by bullies. At The Mandel Law Firm, we can get an order of protection, which brings immediate relief to your child by keeping the bully away. Other options can be investigated to pursue compensation

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