Was Your Child Injured on a School Bus? Get Help Now.

It’s about trust. We trust the schools to watch over our children and keep them safe. We trust the school district to make sure that buses are well maintained. We trust that school bus drivers and bus monitors are qualified and properly trained. We trust that when we put our kids on the school bus in the morning, they will be protected.

When a child is injured on a school bus, it is a violation of trust. Somebody has to pay. At The Mandel Law Firm, we fight hard to make negligent bus companies, bus drivers, school personnel and school districts pay when a child is injured on their watch. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Lawyers You Can Trust To Fight For Justice and Recovery

From offices in Midtown Manhattan, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Mandel Law Firm handle school bus accidents of all kinds throughout the New York City area, including:

  • School bus collisions with other vehicles
  • School bus hitting your child
  • Slip and fall incidents due to slippery areas on the bus floor
  • Dangerous or defective conditions involving the bus stairs
  • Injuries caused by sudden stops or starts of the bus
  • Injuries caused by fighting with other children on the bus

School bus traffic accidents: Whether a bus accident was the result of a negligent school bus driver or a careless car or truck driver, we can help you seek compensation for the injures and suffering your child has suffered due to a school bus accident.

Negligent supervision on a school bus: We’ve all seen the videos on TV: Bullies punching helpless kids in the back of a school bus, violence, even sexual assault going on while a school bus driver sits idly by. If your child has suffered from this type of negligence, we will work tirelessly to hold the guilty parties accountable. We will absolutely fight for justice for your child and to prevent this from happening to another family.

It is vitally important to get proper medical attention for a child who has been injured in a school bus accident. When children suffer personal injury accidents, the risks of future complications are significantly increased. When a child breaks a bone, the growth plates can be affected, possibly leading to complications in the child’s height and growth.

Child Injury Attorneys Serving The Bronx and Other Areas

You shouldn’t have to worry about money when your child’s recovery and future health are at stake. Let us fight for the compensation you and your child need and the justice you deserve. Contact us today online, or by telephone at (646) 779-1441 to speak with a knowledgeable New York City personal injury attorney. We offer free initial consultations, home and hospital visits, and evening and weekend hours by appointment.