Why Pedestrian Accident Cases Require Special Attention and a High-Level of Attorney Skill…

A two-ton car hits a human body. Whether your case involves wrongful death or injuries only, pedestrian accidents can present some of the most life-devastating consequences of all. Most tragically, some accidents kill victims, and Steve Mandel must take action on behalf of remaining family members or next-of-kin.

In a stunning victory, Steve won $1,850,000.00 for family members of an unemployed, unmarried and childless woman, struck and killed while crossing the street. In this very complicated case of questionable liability, many factors were working against the family’s opportunity to receive fair compensation. The deceased woman had no income with which to prove a claim of damages for lost wages, no spouse to contribute support to, and no children to provide for. Some lawyers would call this an un-winnable case.

But The Mandel Law Firm did their work well, resulting in a major monetary win, to compensate family members for the loss of their loved one.

“My job is to get everything I can for my client and to hold the guilty party accountable, by hitting them where it hurts, in their wallet.” – Steve Mandel

Determining who is legally at fault in pedestrian cases can be a complex matter. Generally pedestrians have the right of way. However, there can be many considerations in determining negligence, which may affect the outcome of your case. Here are just a few:

  • Were you crossing in the appropriate crosswalk, or in the middle of the street?
  • Did the driver go through a red light?
  • Were you careful to look both ways as you crossed?

If the incident involved a malfunctioning traffic light or signal, it may even be possible to sue the city or town for failure to maintain it adequately.

Crosswalk Injury Attorneys Serving The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Other Areas

You need an experienced attorney to evaluate these and other elements, and devise an effective strategy to maximize the amount of monetary compensation you can receive.

The The Mandel Law Firm will investigate all available options to obtain compensation for you from any existing insurance coverage, including your own. In some instances, the value of existing insurance may limit the amount you can recover. Sometimes it may not. Only an experienced attorney can know the difference.
As with every other type of personal injury case The Mandel law Firm handles, you can expect the aggressive, professional representation and thorough case preparation on which we’ve built our reputation. We have won millions of dollars for others; we want to win for you.

Learn the facts about your rights today! When you hire the Mandel Law Firm, there is never any fee unless we win your case and get compensation for you. Call for your free case consultation now at (646) 779-1441.