A fracture is just the medical term for a broken bone.  Though some bone fractures may result from disease or other illnesses, most are caused by traumatic events, such accidents, including falls or motor vehicle accidents, work injuries or sporting/recreational pursuits.   There are many types of fractures, from “simple” fractures to complex breaks necessitating one or more surgeries and the implementation of metal screws, plates and other hardware to repair the bone and joint structures.  A “compound” fracture is where the fractured bone penetrates the overlying tissues and skin.  A fracture can occur anywhere in one’s skeletal system and vary from routine to severe, permanent and even life-threatening.

Oftentimes, fractures cause severe and permanent damage to surrounding organs, nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, arteries & veins and other tissues.  Skull fractures and broken noses, jaws and facial bones can affect airway, breathing and circulation and fractured ribs can puncture lungs.

In addition to fractured bones, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot and other joint fractures also can result in severe, painful and permanent injuries; often requiring surgery and/or eventual joint replacement.

Depending upon their nature, duration and extent, fractures and joint injuries often result in the permanent loss of function or limitation in the range of motion of the affected joint or limb.  In addition to surgery, months or even years of physical rehabilitation and/or pain management often are required to alleviate symptoms and restore function.

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