New York City Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Was It an Unavoidable Mistake or Was it Medical Malpractice?

While the success of any particular course of treatment is never guaranteed, and a patient’s continued or restored good health is never promised, doctors and other medical care providers do make mistakes. When they do, their patients should be compensated for their professional negligence. Medical malpractice cases are not easy to prosecute and prove.

Physicians and other medical professionals are obliged to provide their services in a professional manner according to accepted standards of medical care. A failure to do so is considered professional negligence – otherwise commonly known as medical malpractice.

Hospitals, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare providers – and their nurses, therapists, technicians and other employees – also are held to certain standards of medical care and treatment.

In New York – and elsewhere, patients and their lawyers cannot simply allege a doctor committed malpractice. Another doctor (or doctors) must be consulted and opine that there is a good faith basis to file suit. Thereafter, a plaintiff still must have a physician willing and able to testify that malpractice did occur and that it was the cause of, or a substantial contributing factor in, the injuries or additional medical problems which followed.

Though medical malpractice claims arise in all specialties, some common types include:

  • failures to diagnose many kinds illnesses, injuries & conditions (including cancer)
  • misdiagnoses of injuries & illnesses
  • failures to order, properly administer and/or interpret diagnostic tests
  • improper administration of oral and/or intravenous medicines
  • surgical & anesthesia errors
  • birth injuries & trauma
  • pediatric & developmental misdiagnoses
  • emergency room errors
  • surgical, post-surgical and aftercare errors
  • pharmacy and nursing errors and follow-up treatment and care.

Our attorneys are experienced medical malpractice lawyers and know both the law and the medicine and will work directly with you on your case. We are a boutique firm and only accept a certain number of serious medical malpractice cases at any given time. Precisely because these cases are so time-consuming, we owe it to our clients to devote the care and attention needed for a favorable outcome. We are a small firm and never delegate your case to associates. It’s just us.

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