New York City Premises Liability Lawyers

While the success of any particular course of treatment is never guaranteed, and a patient’s continued or restored good health is never promised, doctors and other medical care providers do make mistakes. When they do, their patients should be compensated for their professional negligence. Medical malpractice cases are not easy to prosecute and prove.

When someone is injured or killed due to a dangerous or defective condition at a property, whether a private dwelling, an apartment building, retail store, restaurant or other commercial premises – or even anywhere outside on public or private land – the owners, tenants and/or managers of that property may be liable.
Premises Liability accidents include just about anything that can go wrong at a property; including such incidents as:

  • falls on sidewalks, walkways or elsewhere due to cracked or broken surfaces, foreign substances, snow & ice or debris
  • falls due to defective stairs, stairways and handrails
  • store, restaurant, hotel, motel and other hospitality incidents
  • elevator accidents due to misleveling at floors, door malfunctions and even falls down elevator shafts
  • fires due to careless cooking, defective appliances, other products, electric wiring, heating systems and/or prohibited smoking
  • apartment & multiple dwelling accidents whether in common areas or inside apartments as well as incidents involving appliances, systems, defective doors, ceiling collapses, broken or defective windows or absent window guards
  • assault & battery and other criminal activity arising from security failures
  • sports & recreational injuries at arenas, parks, pools, gyms, campgrounds and other such venues
  • pool, hot tub and swimming accidents

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