New york city products liability lawyers

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers of products are required by law to design and manufacture safe products and often are held strictly liable for failing to do so. Even if a product is potentially-dangerous if used for its intended purpose, warnings about its safe use must be adequate. Manufacturers also often issue written warranties or otherwise warrant that their products are safe when, indeed, they are not. There also are federal consumer product safety and other laws and regulations related to product recalls. New York, as most other states, has laws designed to protect consumers from dangerous and defective consumer products, including:

  • cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles
  • airbags, seatbelts, steering and other vehicle components
  • child restraint systems (‘car seats”)
  • bicycles
  • boats, personal watercraft & marine equipment
  • helmets, gloves and safety equipment
  • electronics
  • appliances, stoves and cooking equipment
  • furnaces, heating, HVAC systems and water heaters
  • building materials and fixtures
  • furniture & household products
  • smoke detectors, CO detectors and alarm systems
  • ladders, work platforms & stools
  • power tools and other tools & equipment
  • paints, stains, cleansers, solvents and other chemicals
  • lawn mowers, trimmers & garden equipment
  • lawn & garden chemicals
  • pool supplies, equipment & chemicals
  • clothing
  • sporting goods & recreational equipment
  • children’s products
  • toys
  • food products and medicines

Unfortunately, many serious and catastrophic injuries and deaths each year are due to, or a consequence of, dangerous and defective consumer products; whether designed and manufactured here in the United States or abroad. Product defects can cause (and fail to detect) fires, explosions as well as myriad other accidents. Most are preventable. Product recalls and warnings are mandated by federal law in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes the products aren’t actually recalled or the word doesn’t reach consumers.

If you or a loved one were injured, it is critical to preserve the product, if at all possible, or otherwise be able to identify it with specificity. Our attorneys are not only well-versed in the applicable law, we have practical, “real-world” knowledge and expertise in how consumer products are used – both as intended and otherwise. Contact The Mandel Law Firm for a consultation at (646) 779-1441.