Spinal injuries are injuries involving trauma to the spine and spinal cord, itself, and/or adjacent nerves.  Such injuries invariably are severe and also can permanent and life-threatening.  Depending upon the severity of trauma to the nervous system, doctors may classify spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis as either “complete” or “incomplete.”


A “complete” injury results in the total loss of all sensory function (feeling) and all motor function (ability to control movement) below the location of injury along the spine.  If a patient retains at least some sensory and/or motor function below the location of injury, the paralysis is considered “incomplete.”


In medical terms, “tetraplegia” (also known as “quadriplegia” means a patient loses all or some of the sensory and/or motor function to one’s arms & legs, torso and pelvic organs.  A patient suffering from “paraplegia” has lost all or some of the sensory and/or motor function to one’s torso, legs and pelvic organs.


Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis usually are permanent. In addition to the necessity of lifetime care, treatment and rehabilitation, life-threatening complications are commonplace; and may include: loss of bowel and/or bladder control, loss or diminished skin sensation and/or circulatory function, organ and muscle dystrophy, loss of sexual function, anxiety, depression and emotional distress and a markedly shortened lifespan.


Even in cases where patients have not suffered paralysis, one might suffer severe, painful and permanent spinal injuries, often requiring one or more surgeries if symptoms do not resolve after therapy and other conservative/non-invasive treatment.  Such injuries are the result of trauma where nerves emanating from the spinal cord at certain levels suffer from impingement from spinal fractures or from herniated or bulging spinal discs.

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