Unfortunately, scooter accidents are common occurrences on the busy streets of New York City. Many car and truck drivers are distracted while on their cell phone or texting, and fail to observe scooters on the road. With little to protect them, it is the scooter drivers who typically sustain severe injuries. You need an experienced New York City personal injury attorney who knows how to handle scooter accident cases.

What causes so many new scooter accidents?

  • Scooter operators are not always aware that they may need a motorcycle license to operate a moped or scooter. If the engine is larger than 49 cubic centimeters or the scooter can travel faster than 30 miles per hour, then a motorcycle license is required in New York State.
  • Scooters are smaller and lighter than standard motorcycles, making them less stable on road hazards such as potholes or obstructions. When a scooter makes a sudden turn to avoid an obstacle or oncoming vehicle, the operator may find it difficult to maintain control and may be struck by a car or other motorist.
  • Other motorists often fail to see small scooters, causing dangerous collisions on the highway.

The Mandel Law Firm has experience dealing with accidents that involve all types of motor scooters such as Razors,Vespas, Mopeds and Segways. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed due to a scooter accident, The Mandel Law Firm has a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys that will fight for the highest possible compensation for you.

Often scooter accidents involve serious, permanent or catastrophic injuries that will need to be adequately proven and successfully negotiated by an experienced personal injury attorney.

At The Mandel Law Firm, we have experience obtaining compensation for victims of scooter accidents with serious injuries, including:

We are dedicated to representing those who have suffered a loss or disability in a scooter accident. These cases can be challenging, and often difficult to win.  Almost always the insurance company will allege that the accident was caused in part by the fault or negligence of the accident victim.  You need an experienced personal injury attorney who can successfully defeat the insurance company’s claims of the scooter operator’s negligence and get you or your loved one the highest possible compensation.

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