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How to get maximum dollar compensation in your motor vehicle accident case

Whether you or a loved one is a driver or passenger in a car, van, truck, taxi or car service, motor vehicle accidents are commonplace and people invariably get hurt – or worse. The same is true for motorcyclist and especially for pedestrians. There are myriad New York State & City traffic laws and regulations, insurance requirements and vehicular standards which may be relevant to any particular case, including:

It’s crucial not only to have an attorney well-versed in the applicable law, but also one who knows how accidents happen and why. Sometimes motor vehicle accidents are simply due to someone’s carelessness or inattention. At times, alcohol, drugs, cell phones, texting or are involved. At other times seatbelt or airbag failures, mechanical defects, lack of maintenance, roadway design, faulty traffic control devices or roadway construction might have caused or contributed to one’s accident or injuries.

Our attorneys have decades of experience dealing with motor vehicle accident claims and suits in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area and, not only know the neighborhoods, highways, bridges and tunnels, but also know all about cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, their safety features, performance capabilities and shortcomings. They are well-versed in motor vehicle accident reconstruction and work with investigators and professional engineers for accident reconstruction, biomechanical analyses or other needed expertise.

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