New york city mass transit accident lawyers

New York City is famous for its subways, buses and taxis. We also are almost entirely dependent upon them to get around. Whether lifelong residents, visitors or tourists, we also now increasingly rely on private car services, commuter vans and transport companies such as Lyft & Uber. Light rail also is a fairly-recent phenomenon in our area. Certainly delays are commonplace but accidents, though less frequent, still happen every day.

Subway accidents not only include collisions and sudden stops but also result from derailments, faulty maintenance, defective and aged equipment and facilities. Of course, falls, entrapment and even assaults -whether on a subway or in a station – are commonplace.

Less typical accidents may involve loading and unloading of passengers, unsecure passengers and riding in between cars. Insufficient safety or emergency response as well as a lack of security and/or inadequate lighting and signage also may be contributing factors in any given situation.

Our attorneys not only possess decades of relevant legal experience, we also are your neighbors and fellow commuters and know how our mass transit systems work – or don’t. We travel within New York City and its suburbs daily and also know where, how and why most mass transit accidents occur.

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