New York City Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

A traumatic brain injury [“TBI” for short] is a serious brain trauma almost invariably associated with a single event, such as a serious accident involving a blow to the head.  In short, the injury does not occur over time.

Unfortunately, despite arising from a single traumatic event, a TBI sometimes is neither timely noticed nor treated and oftentimes is not even apparent at first, following an accident.  A TBI often is not timely recognized by either the patient, medical providers or even family & friends.  However, it quickly becomes apparent to others that the patient is not the same person as before.  Since one’s brain is injured, all aspects of that person’s life are affected; whether personality, mental ability, cognition, memory, physical functioning and social skills.  Again, the person affected often does not even realize that he or she suffers from a TBI.

TBIs sometimes are permanent but, even a full functional recovery may take years and require extensive treatment and therapies.

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