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What Should Be in a Car Accident Report in New York?

What Should Be In A Car Accident Report In New York?

Car accidents are frightening and traumatic events. In the heat of the moment, can you recall all the event’s details? If you are significantly injured, how do you document the scene and get the information you need to file a compensation claim with your insurance provider?

A police officer’s car accident report is potentially vital evidence that can help substantiate your car accident claim. These documents contain a wealth of useful information. You should understand what’s included in the report and where to obtain one.

At the Mandel Law Firm, we want to help you gain access to this information and give you a better idea of what an accident report in New York contains.

Obtaining a Car Accident Report in New York

The most important thing you can do following an accident is to contact local authorities. The authorities can manage the scene and assist those in need. Another advantage of calling local law enforcement is that authorities must draft an incident report. This crash report can contain useful information that may help strengthen your compensation claim.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles typically keeps accident reports for four years from the accident date. You can generally access an accident report online from the DMV. The agency allows you to conduct a free limited search to ensure your report is in the system before you conduct a paid search. You can then order your report by paying the appropriate fees. Most police boroughs electronically file accident reports at least 14 days after an accident.

Information Contained in a New York Car Accident Police Report

Law enforcement must make detailed notes and observations about the scene of an accident. Police crash reports often include basic information about each driver, including the driver’s registration and insurance information. However, an accident report also includes vital information about citations and arrests. Other information contained in a New York car accident report can include:

  • Vehicle description
  • Vehicle damage
  • Accident diagram
  • Accident description
  • Crash location
  • Safety equipment used
  • Obvious injuries
  • Whether anyone had to be transported to the hospital
  • Characteristics of the roadway
  • Weather conditions
  • Apparent contributing factors
  • Officer identification information

A police report and other evidence can paint a compelling picture of the accident and may help you recover maximum compensation for your financial losses.

Reporting a Car Accident in New York

As a New York motorist, you should also be aware that New York law requires you to report any vehicle accident that causes more than $1,000 in property damage within ten days of the collision. You must also file an accident report with the New York DMV if the crash caused death or injuries.

This report details the specifics of the accident and is available online. Your car accident report should be as detailed as possible and lack embellishments. Keep the report factual and free from emotion. Although you may feel nervous about filing an accident report, do not avoid submitting your report. Failing to file can lead to the DMV suspending your driver’s license until the report is received.

Reach Out to a New York Car Accident Attorney Now

At the Mandel Law Firm, our legal team wants to help you recover the compensation you deserve following a New York car accident. Pursuing compensation involves gathering crucial evidence, such as an accident report. Our attorneys are ready to put you first and guide you through the claim process.

Pursue the compensation you need. Consult with an experienced New York car accident attorney today. At Mandel Law Firm, we offer a free initial consultation to help put you on the right path. Call us today at (646) 779-1441.


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