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Why Do So Many Collisions Happen Over Thanksgiving in New York?

Why Do So Many Collisions Happen Over Thanksgiving In New York?

The rate of car accidents tends to increase around the holidays. Poor weather conditions, increased traffic, and other factors can lead to a collision. For many, the start of the holiday season is Thanksgiving. Kids are off from school, adults don’t have to work, and family and friends get together to eat a delicious meal.

Although Thanksgiving should be enjoyable for everyone, holiday travel increases the risk of a crash. In a congested city like New York, driving is already dangerous. When Thanksgiving comes around, navigating the busy streets is more challenging.

Common Causes of Traffic Accidents on Thanksgiving

You might not realize the potential dangers that come with the holidays. The major factors that contribute to car crashes during Thanksgiving include:

  • Group travel – Many people travel with friends and family to parties, events, or dinners. Taking multiple cars is common with a big group. When that happens, speeding, cutting off other motorists, and breaking traffic laws might occur while the group tries to stay together on the road.
  • School break – Kids are out of school around the Thanksgiving holiday. Teenage drivers don’t have enough experience to handle more traffic and dangerous conditions. Their inexperience could endanger others.
  • Driving under the influence – Alcohol is a staple at holiday dinners and events. However, driving after a night of drinking increases the risk of a crash. More drunk drivers are likely on the road on Thanksgiving than on a typical day.
  • Adverse weather – Snow and ice can cover the city streets during holidays. Driving in poor weather conditions is dangerous and requires drivers to remain focused and cautious. When someone behaves recklessly, an accident can occur.
  • Distracted driving – Texting while driving is a well-known type of distraction. However, multiple forms of distraction can lead to a collision. An inattentive motorist isn’t likely to notice stopped traffic, a pedestrian in a crosswalk, or roadway hazards.
  • Nighttime driving – Many people drive more at night on Thanksgiving. Typically, they head home late at night or during the early morning hours after celebrating the holiday. Driver fatigue and low visibility can contribute to traffic accidents.
  • More vehicles – The holiday season brings an increase in traffic. Drivers must navigate heavy traffic and avoid pedestrians on the way to their destinations. More cars on the road mean a higher likelihood of collisions.
  • Speeding – Driving above the speed limit might happen on Thanksgiving if people are in a rush. Last-minute shopping and errands create a sense of urgency. Drivers might also speed if running late to a dinner or party.

How to Avoid Collisions on Thanksgiving

You can take certain precautions to keep yourself and others safe while driving during Thanksgiving, such as:

  • Pay attention – Don’t allow anything to distract you from the road ahead. Focus on your surroundings so you can react to dangerous situations when necessary.
  • Vehicle maintenance – If you’re planning a road trip to visit family or friends, bring your car in for maintenance to ensure everything’s running properly.
  • Avoid bad weather – Avoid driving while it’s snowing, raining, or sleeting. If possible, wait out the poor weather conditions before getting in the car.
  • Take breaks and rest while traveling – If you have a long drive ahead, find places you can take a break along the route. Or rotate drivers if you’re traveling with others.
  • Get a ride home – Find a designated driver, hail a taxi, or request an Uber or Lyft if you drink alcohol. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

The Mandel Law Firm will fight to hold the negligent driver liable for injuring you. We know the devastation of getting hurt over the holidays and trying to recover. You can depend on us to aggressively pursue the maximum possible compensation so you can put this traumatic experience behind you and move forward.

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