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What to Do if You’ve Been Hit by a Delivery Truck in New York

What To Do If You’ve Been Hit By A Delivery Truck In New York

If you suffered injuries in a delivery truck accident in New York, you might feel overwhelmed about what to do next. It’s essential to know that you have rights and are entitled to seek compensation for any injuries or losses you may have suffered. In this blog post, we’ll explain the steps you should take after being hit by a delivery truck in New York.

How Common Are Delivery Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents involving large delivery trucks are on the rise nationwide, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). In fact, in 2020, the number of large truck accident fatalities was 28 percent higher than in 2009. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported that of the approximately 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2020, there were 4,444 fatal crashes and 101,000 injury crashes. The FMCSA also reported a 27 percent increase in fatal large truck crashes from 2010-2020.

Steps to Take After a New York Delivery Truck Accident

If you have been hit by a delivery truck in New York, knowing what steps to take next can help ensure that your rights are protected. Here are six important things to do after an NY delivery truck accident:

  1. Check for injuries: The most important step after a delivery truck accident is to check yourself and your passengers for any injuries.
  2. Call 911 to report the crash: You should also call 911 to report the accident and wait for law enforcement to arrive at the scene and investigate. If necessary, ask 911 to send an ambulance as well.
  3. Get the driver’s information: After the accident, if you are able, try to get the driver’s information, including their name, contact details, and insurance information.
  4. Document the scene: Documenting the scene is crucial because it can help prove fault in the accident. If you can, take pictures of any damage to your vehicle, the location of the accident, and any injuries sustained.
  5. Seek medical treatment: If you or anyone else involved in the accident has suffered an injury, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you think you are fine, some injuries may take days or weeks to show up.
  6. Avoid social media posting. If you post about your injuries, the opposing parties in your case may be able to use it against you.
  7. Contact a personal injury attorney: A personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights and fight for fair compensation for injuries you suffered due to the accident.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

After an injury due to a delivery truck in New York, you might need help from a truck accident attorney. A New York truck accident lawyer can help you seek compensation from the responsible party. This can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs. In addition, a qualified delivery truck accident lawyer will assess the facts of your case, file all the necessary documents, handle all communications on your behalf, negotiate with the insurance company, and ensure that all paperwork is accurate and filed correctly.

Contact a NY Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you were hit by a delivery truck in New York, it may be in your best interest to speak with a qualified NY delivery truck accident lawyer. The experienced truck accident attorneys at The Mandel Law Firm can help you navigate the complex legal system and pursue the compensation you deserve. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and aggressive representation, and we will work hard to protect your rights. Contact us today for a legal case review to learn more about how we can help you.



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