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What Are the Four Most Common Causes of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes?

What Are The Four Most Common Causes Of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes?

According to, 149 motorcyclists died and another 3,827 motorcyclists were injured in 2018 accidents. That’s more than 4,000 lives severely altered or ended in a single year. Even non-fatal motorcycle injuries can affect the rest of the rider’s life and come with hefty medical bills.

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Most Common Causes of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Here are the top preventable causes of fatal motorcycle accidents, according to data from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee:

  • Failure to yield – Drivers often injure motorcyclists when they fail to properly yield the right-of-way as required by law. Negligent drivers often fail to account for a motorcycle’s speed and distance when making an unprotected left turn at an intersection. If the driver fails to leave enough time and space to complete the turn, they might collide with a passing motorcyclist cause the motorcyclist to swerve and lose control.
  • Speeding – Drivers who speed have less time and space to react in an emergency situation, making it harder for them to avoid a collision. A speeding driver may fail to notice a motorcycle in their path or the lane next to them, causing a deadly collision. Objects have more force the faster they’re moving, so speeding tends to result in more severe motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Distracted driving – Talking on the phone, sending or reading text messages, listening to loud music, eating and drinking while driving, talking to passengers, and other distractions make it difficult for drivers to pay attention to road hazards. Distracted drivers can pay too much attention to their extraneous tasks and miss motorcyclists. These wrecks can be fatal.
  • Reckless passing and changing lanes – Drivers must be extremely careful when passing near motorcycles, as a slight mistake can have disastrous consequences. When they fail to give enough time and space to nearby motorcyclists during lane changes, they can cause a motorcycle crash. They might be held liable for resulting injuries or, in fatal crashes, wrongful death.

Steps to Take to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

There are a few common-sense steps motorcyclists and drivers can take to avoid motorcycle accidents, including:

  • Wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle
  • Keeping distractions to a minimum
  • Following posted speed limits
  • Driving or riding only while sober
  • Paying special care when passing or making turns around motorcycles

Compensation Available After a Motorcycle Accident

New York law allows motorcycle accident victims to recover compensation for the financial and non-economic losses they suffered due to a crash. A settlement could include money for:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your emotional anguish
  • Your lost wages while recovering from your injuries
  • Your reduced ability to work because of your injuries
  • Your medical bills related to the accident, including the cost of your future care
  • Your damaged personal property, including the repair or replacement of your motorcycle

If you lost a loved one due to a fatal motorcycle accident, you can demand compensation and accountability from the reckless or negligent driver.

Talk to a New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, our team is ready to hear your story and start work on your case. We will dedicate ourselves to vigorously pursuing the full and fair compensation you deserve. You can get a free initial consultation by calling (646) 779-1441, speaking to an online agent, or visiting our contact page.

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